I want to say THANK YOU to Kim N. You are such a great person!!! If there was more people like you in this world the world would be a better place. Often in life when you least expect it someone makes a gesture that reminds you that even with all the bad news on the media that there are good people out there. I know you have a busy life yet you went out of your way to do something so kind. I can tell you it meant a lot. You are a wonderful, special person and I want just want everyone who reads this to learn from your actions that a little kindness can make such a big difference to someone. I also hope people read this and take your example and just do something nice for a friend because when it comes down to it friends are family and people that can make the difference between getting through the day and getting through it with a smile. People who have their own busy lives but can still make the time to do random acts of kindness is so meaningful. Thank you Kim Georgie

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Wishing everyone a great family day hope everyone had a nice long weekend and enjoyed the weather today.